What's New

Just remember that the day will come
When you will just be steak on a plate
(Don't 'cha know, it's fate)
Kurt Elling, "Sing You Sinners"

7/6/1999: I've been bad about recording changes, but most have been minor. Now includes notes on LHB's Live at Basin Street East.

1/11/99: Incorporated Jim Bazin's review of a recent Hendricks and Ross duo concert, complete with pictures. Added "Why Not!" as a possibility on the Manhattan Transfer page. Other minor tweaks.

11/11/98: Minor tweaks.

11/10/98: Incorporated Jessica Sendra's comments about credits on the Manhattan Transfer page.

10/18/98: Realized I'd been forgetting to update this. Most changes have been to the LHR page. In particular, added listings for the two Basie albums and the Best Of album.

8/17/98: Added LHB's At Newport '63.

8/13/98: Added LHB's Havin' a Ball at the Village Gate.

8/11/98: Added links to CDNow all over the place.

8/10/98: Added this What's New page. Added the new Kurt Elling album, This Time It's Love, and cleaned up that page in general. Added some info on LHR. Finally got around to adding info on Hendricks's Cloudburst.

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